2023 Partners


Expertise Partner

Experimentica is a global contract research organization developing and offering novel preclinical ocular models and services to sponsors from Pharma, Biotech, and Academia. We offer an industry-leading portfolio of in vivo, in vitro, and ex vivo PoC models in rodents and larger animals, as well as custom models, PK/PD, and Toxicity ocular studies.

Our laboratory sites are located in Finland, Lithuania, and the United States. This enables our team of interdisciplinary scientists to understand and support local and international companies fully.

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Innovation Partner

For 40+ years, LKC Technologies has been making functional eye testing simple and practical for busy clinicians. The handheld and portable RETeval ERG/VEP testing device aids in the diagnosis and management of ischemic conditions such as diabetic retinopathy, optic nerve conditions, and inherited retinal diseases with no corneal contact required.

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Innovation Partner


We're a full-service ophthalmology CRO with a proven track record for successful clinical trials across multiple indications and phases. We're dedicated to leading trials with a proactive style that ensures clarity and success, all while staying within budget and on time. From Project Management to Drug Safety, we're equipped to take your study across the finish line.

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Event Partner

Vial is a tech-enabled, next-generation CRO that promises faster and higher-quality execution of trials for less cost. The Vial Contract Research Organization (CRO) delivers on the promise of more efficient trials through its innovative technology platform that powers trials end-to-end from site startup to database lock. Vial’s technology platform combines modern, intuitive eSource, EDC, and ePROinto one connected system, streamlining site processes and enabling considerable efficiencies. Vial operates across multiple Therapeutic Areas (Dermatology, Ophthalmology,Oncology, Gastroenterology, Neurology and Cardiology). Vial is a San Francisco, California-based company with over 125 employees.

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Hosting Partner

RetInSight develops AI-based software algorithms for use on OCT images in clinical trials, for therapeutic monitoring and diagnosis of patients with retinal disease. RetInSight owns a library of algorithms for use in clinical and scientific studies including Geographic Atrophy. RetInSight was the first company to introduce an MDR CE-certified AI solution, the RetInSight Fluid Monitor, for monitoring nAMD patients in EU, CH and UK. Not cleared by the FDA, may be used for research in the US. RetInSight serves as a central reading center, cAIre, providing the software infrastructure for clinical trial services, offering real-time solutions to support pharmaceutical companies maximizing the value of clinical trial data by fully automated, quantitative, and reproducible read-out, shortening recruitment time and optimizing clinical trial workflows.